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Mewtwo Returns

Mewtwo Returns

Mewtwo recaps the story of his birth, and the events that happened in Pokémon The First Movie: Mewtwo vs. Mew. He explains how he was created in a labratory, and how he hated life and its inhabitants. But he then learned how life was precious. And he and his clones left to find their place in the world.
Giovanni continues his search for Mewtwo. He believes that Mewtwo will serve Team Rocket well, considering its powerful nature, and psychic abilities.

Ash, Misty and Brock continue their journey through the Johto Region, and come across Purity Canyon. Brock explains that there is a bus that could take them across the canyon. As they are walking, Ash spots the bus and runs down the hill to catch it. Just then, the sky clouds up and it begins to rain. Team Rocket, as usual, is spying on Ash and his friends. Meowth pulls out a guidebook of the area, and reads out some information. It seems that because of strange atmospheric pressures and other geological facts, the climate and weather can become quite unpredictable at times.

Still chasing the bus, Ash, Misty, and Brock race down the hill only to find out from a girl that the bus has just left. Brock immediately falls in love with the girl, whom introduces herself as Luna. As the bus is traveling through the mountains, a strong gust of wind lifts it off the ground. Mewtwo sees this, and safely returns the bus to the earth. Many on the bus are surprised. Mewtwo explains to the clones that he wants to remain hidden from the humans.

Ash, Misty and Brock find themselves at the lodge. After explaining their situation to Luna, she suggests that they take a boat down Purity River. After trying the idea, Misty becomes scared of all the bug Pokémon, and the group retreats back to the lodge. Luna then tells them to go over Mount Kana, a mountain housing only Pokémon inhabitants. Although a tough climb, they can reach Clarity Lake, a lake found at the peak of the mountain. During their discussion, they are interrupted by knocking on the lodge door. A man and a girl are standing outside. The man introduces himself as Colin Kalix, a famous researcher and professor of medicine. He has come to study the water of Purity River, explaining that it is full of rare minerals. The girl introduces herself as Domino, and says that she works for the Pokémon Institute.

At this time, Team Rocket attacks, saying their familiar motto. They use an electric-proof wire to grab Pikachu, and make their escape. They seem to think that since they equipped their balloon with rockets, that this plan might actually succeed. However, the weather abruptly takes a turn for the worst, as the wind blows their balloon around in the sky. Everyone follows Team Rocket's out of control balloon down the mountain. As a turn of events, the balloon gets blown toward Ash and his friends, whom are carried of with the balloon.

As the wind dyes down, everyone can see a large island. Domino uses a device to spot Mewtwo. Giovanni, who has been tracking Mewtwo, nears the island in his helicopter. Domino then reveals to everyone that she is Agent 009, a member of Team Rocket Organization, and tells the combat unit to proceed to the coordinates. She pops the balloon, and flies off on a hang glider to safety, as the Meowth balloon falls to the ground.

Everyone is okay, but Team Rocket has lost Pikachu. They spot it, but not before Pikachu takes sight of its clone. The clone Pikachu wants to fight, but Mewtwo is more angry that humans have found the island. Giovanni will begin the capture at sunrise.

Ash is bound and determined to get Pikachu back.

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